Jumping on the rope: a good way to lose weight

Jumping on the rope



Jumps with a rope train the respiratory system, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Classes with a rope prevent the development of varicose veins, since they eliminate stagnation of blood in the vessels.

And the most interesting is that by spending calories jumping rope is not inferior to running and swimming, and many types of fitness in general are left behind. For comparison: the whole hour of aerobic exercise or dancing for weight loss burns about 350-400 kcal, and 15 minutes of jumps with a rope (at an intensity of approximately 100 jumps per minute) – 200 kcal.

Thus, in an hour you can spend up to 600-700 calories – the same amount of intense training burns. However, it can only be held in the gym and with special equipment. Jump rope is an ideal kind of home fitness. The only thing you need is a rope, a little free space and time – and you can use jumping rope for weight loss.

What is useful jumping rope

If following one or another diet can be considered in a certain sense to be a passive way to lose weight, then simple exercises with a rope are a source of such physical activity necessary for a modern resident. In addition, doing household chores does not always allow time for fitness, swimming pool.

In addition, if the sports facility is not close and you have to get to it, it adds time to standing in traffic jams. The use of a simple and inexpensive home exercise machine allows you to keep yourself in proper sports form and, if necessary, periodically adjust the figure, especially on the abdomen and thighs.

At the same time, the intestinal function is normalized, breathing is trained, cardiac rhythm indicators are improved, the body becomes more flexible. The result will be not only slender legs, prevention of cellulite, the necessary load of the heart muscle, but also a great mood due to the released endorphins, hormones of good mood.


jump rope


In addition to training the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and getting rid of excess kilograms, great benefit from training with a rope for the muscles of the legs and buttocks: they come in a tonus and pull up.

Training on a rope

Begin jumping for weight loss on the rope with a small load – 10-15 minutes a day. Do this for a week, then gradually increase the time until you reach half an hour. If you feel that you can jump more than 30 minutes, add another 10-15 minutes (gradually!). If you are tempted to waste 700 kcal and you want to bring the training time to an hour, do it smoothly and only if you feel good and the load does not exhaust you.

Weight loss with a rope will be effective, if you engage every day for at least half an hour.

In order to diversify the monotony of training, use different jumps to lose weight (at the initial stage it is better to stop on ordinary jumps on two legs). On the rope you can jump:

  • In turn, on one leg;
  • Alternating alternately the right and left legs (imitation of running);
  • With the passage back and forth;
  • With the reverse movement of the rope (back);
  • With the crossing of the skipping rope;
  • With a gradual rotation around its axis.


Before training, be sure to do a little general workout. Pay special attention to warming up the muscles and joints of the legs. To do this, fill in 10-12 shins of the lower leg (flexion of the lower leg) on ​​each leg, trying to reach the heel to the buttocks. Then, climb 15-20 times to the socks.

Sitting slowly, turn your feet clockwise and back. Finally, perform the rotation of the knee joint with a small amplitude (standing, slightly bend the knees, lean forward with the body, put the palms on your knees – from this position, gently move the knees clockwise and back).

Complete the workout, gradually reducing the intensity, in any case do not stop abruptly. Five minutes before the end of the workout, slow down the pace, then remove the skipping rope and pomar a bit in place until the pulse calms down.

As soon as losing weight with a rope will yield the desired results, you can reduce the training time to 15 minutes per day – this will help maintain the shape. However, do not forget that any training is powerless, if you get more calories than you spend, watch for food.

Clothes for jumping

So, the rope was chosen, now a little about the form of clothes. It would seem that you can jump at home in anything. But this is only partly true. Clothing should not interfere with the movement of the rope, so it is best to fit tight shorts or breeches and topic (shirt).

As for the girls, an urgent recommendation is to put on a sports bra under the T-shirt. He will be able to provide good support for the breast and protect it from stretching and deformation during jumping.

Despite the home conditions, do not go barefoot or in socks. Jumping is a shock load on the joints of the legs (knees, ankle) and the spine, so you should wear athletic shoes on a soft, springy sole where the foot is securely fixed. Shoes will extinguish the shock and save the joints and ligaments from damage.


jumping with a rope


Exercises for weight loss with a skipping rope

First you need to learn how to jump correctly and only then practice jumping with a rope for weight loss.

The rope should be firmly and comfortably taken by the handles, bending the arms in the elbows, pressing the elbows to the body – this is the starting position. Now we learn to jump.

The movement of the skipping rope must be carried out by the rotation of the hands. Jumping should be low with a landing on the pillows of feet. You can not land on the entire foot – it’s traumatic. Heels must be torn from the floor all the time.

During jumping, the body is fixed in a vertical position, and the back is straight. At the first stage, jump at a slow pace, do not try to accelerate. In the end, you will need to perform 100 jumps per minute – it’s a comfortable pace, which everyone can do.

Which rope is suitable?

Exercises with a skipping rope for weight loss begin with the choice of the rope itself. A lot depends on its characteristics.

The length of the rope should match your height. How to determine the optimal length? Take the rope folded in two with both hands by both hands and straighten your arms at the chest level. The end of the rope must touch the floor, but do not lie on it. This simple test can be done even in the store. Or use the table:




Height, cm
























183 and above






Length of rope, cm



























The skipping rope is also very important. If it’s too light, the rope will not spin badly, it will not have enough speed. The skipping ropes are made of rubber, nylon or polyvinyl.

Handles of the rope should be heavy enough and comfortable, so as not to slip out of the palms that are wet from sweat.

Contraindications for jumping rope:

  • Pregnancy and the puerperium
  • Overweight (obesity of the second and third degree)
  • Varicose veins and other vascular diseases
  • Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • High blood pressure
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and spine
  • Diseases of the joints
  • Eye problems, severe visual impairment
  • Asthma


If you have other chronic diseases, then before jumping rope it is better to consult an expert in addition. Remember that as a cardio-load to get rid of excess weight you can use even ordinary walking. It is not necessary to practice percussion workouts in order to lose weight and bring yourself into an excellent form.


jumps with a skipping rope


In conclusion, it should be noted that slimming with a rope is not suitable for everyone. Contraindications are diseases of the joints of the legs and spine, high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as very large body weight.

Jumps with a skipping rope is not just a children’s entertainment, but a real workout for burning calories and developing the cardiovascular system. The rope will help you to include the entire body in the work with the greatest emphasis on the muscles of the legs and shoulders. The effectiveness of jumps with a skipping rope for weight loss is not questioned: you can accelerate fat burning, increase stamina, tone muscle and reduce body volume.