What is better and more effective for losing weight: fitness or gym?

Each of us at least once in our life faced a problem when we wanted to bring our weight in order as quickly as possible, and make our body fit and slim. Today, there are many sports programs and solutions, but their essence boils down to the main question: “What is best for losing weight – fitness or gym?”.

How to lose weight: act decisively

In the modern world it is important to be not just fashionable and beautiful, but, first of all, healthy, fit and slim. This is a sign that a person takes care of himself, he is successful, active and knows what he wants from life.

To maintain the figure in excellent condition diets alone can not do. Even with a very tight schedule, it is important to find time at least 2-3 times a week and devote it to physical exertion. In this case, you should skip classes only as a last resort, and not when “no mood” or “friends have invited to the next party”. Regardless of what was chosen (fitness or gym), only regular exercises will be able to give tangible results. After all, no wonder they say that each workout is a step forward, and each missed step is two steps back.

Having decided to put your figure in order, first of all, you should decide on the tasks and deadlines for their implementation. Indeed, in this case, the classes themselves will differ, their essence and intensity.

Faster killing can destroy hated fitness, where the emphasis is on cardio load. Such activities not only effectively burn calories, but also develop endurance. Energetic music and not too difficult exercises lift your spirits and instill confidence in your own abilities.


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Choosing a gym, you need to be prepared to properly sweat. Only in this case the body will begin to process fatty deposits into energy. This means that, working hard on the simulators, you can burn calories in the shortest possible time. Women should not be afraid of working with weights – to build mountains of muscles is much more difficult than it may seem, but to make your body slim and proportionate is quite real.

Advantages and disadvantages of fitness classes

Fitness classes are group training under the guidance of a professional instructor. As a rule, in each team there are 10-30 people depending on the popularity of the sports club and seasonality. It’s no secret that the beautiful half decides to lose weight closer to the beach season, and fitness centers become clogged in March and April. This hype lasts a couple of months. Then you can engage in a more relaxed mode.

Currently, there are many types of fitness: power, using steppes, dance variations, zumba and others.

  • One of the important advantages of fitness is its availability and versatility – even a beginner who has never attended a sports section, will be able to master the basic movements. At the same time, visiting the hall, especially without the sensitive guidance of a trainer, will require knowledge of the basics and subtleties of the exercises.
  • If there are problems with self-organization, then prefer fitness. Being engaged in a group, it is impossible to be distracted, shirk, or do the exercises incorrectly or inadequately – the coach simply will not allow this.
  • There is an opportunity to choose the techniques of the orientation that is best suited for you. Some clubs offer to attend different training sessions every time. So you can try the basic fitness program, then to opt for the most beloved.

The disadvantages of group fitness classes include their cost (as a rule, they are more expensive than going to the gym), as well as the need to adjust to their schedule. You should always build your day so that you can find time to visit the club on strictly certain days and hours.

In some centers, there is also a pre-registration for classes, since for small rooms there are restrictions on the number of people. This can also be a nuisance.


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Strengths and weaknesses of the gym

A well-equipped gym includes a variety of simulators (power and cardio), as well as sports equipment (dumbbells and barbells with different weights, mats, jump ropes, tows, balls of different sizes).

The following are the indisputable advantages of the gym.

  • Quantitative and qualitative diversity: even in small towns, you can find a couple of gyms, while fitness clubs may not be at all.
  • The opportunity to attend classes at any convenient time and engage in as long as necessary. You can also independently control the load and intensity of exercise, focusing on your own well-being, physical abilities and just your mood.
  • You can always diversify classes with new exercises, so as not to get bored, and work out different muscle groups.
  • Ability to focus on the desired result: if the goal is to lose a few extra kilograms, then more attention is paid to cardio loads on the corresponding simulators (treadmill, orbi track, exercise bike), if the task is to correct the form, then the main emphasis is on working with free weights .
  • As a rule, people who have already achieved some success in fitness go to the gym, they know how to do it correctly and what they need to do to get the desired result. Looking at their excellent shape, there is an additional incentive to make your body perfect. In addition, it is in the gym that you can endlessly improve your skills, each time learning something new and useful for yourself.
  • In most cases, the services of “simulator” are cheaper, and the conditions for visiting are much more loyal.

Despite all the obvious advantages, training in the gym has its drawbacks.

First note the following fact. If a person first appeared in the hall with a large number of various devices, he can simply become confused, start to randomly try forces on one or the other projectile, in the end – be disappointed and no longer come.

In the absence of any experience, it is necessary, at least at first, to work under the guidance of a coach or a more competent comrade who could control the quality of the exercises, advise the required number of approaches and repetitions. And only with the advent of self-confidence, you can begin to self-study.

A visit to the gym will only be useful, and most importantly – effective when there is a strong motivation and desire to build a truly beautiful body.

In the absence of external control, there must be self-discipline so that the classes take place in full force.

It is worth noting such an unpleasant, but, alas, life moment, as the excessive fullness of the halls in the evenings. The majority of visitors come to practice in the evening, after work.


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What to choose?

Summing up, what is more effective and better – group fitness classes or a gym, should highlight the main points.

  • For beginners, of course, it is better to opt for fitness – a ready-made, developed training plan and the attention of the instructor will be provided .
  • Hard schedules of fitness classes may not fit into everyday work. When they are late, the most inconvenient and distant places in the hall remain, and the passes often just “burn out”. In this case, it is better to choose a gym. If you do not have enough knowledge and experience, you can always do under the guidance of a coach, at least the first few lessons.
  • In the absence of strong motivation and self-control, it is better to give preference to group lessons – the general attitude and movement towards a single goal works flawlessly.