How to pump a ass

How to pump a ass



The main advantage in creating a beautiful  inflated priests  is a large variety of exercises on the ass in the room and their variability. One and the same movement can be performed with the bar and in the simulator Smith and even with dumbbells. With one foot and two at a time. And all these options will turn out to be correct and effective.

However, one must understand that the most complex varieties of exercises contribute not so much to the mass of the buttocks as they give them shape. If you are a professional athlete, then you can perform the most complex variations and get feedback from them. But, if you are an ordinary gym attendant who dreams about a pumped up pop – choose the simplest and most technically understandable exercises, use the maximum working weights, do 8-10 repetitions in the approach, and you will be happy. That is a priest.

Training features

If you have a small pelvis, and you just need to tighten the buttocks and make them elastic, choose workouts with large weights. Practice 2 times a week, between each workout should take at least 2 days. Do 4-5 sets of 5-8 reps. If you pursue the pain – do not worry, just take a bath or do cardio.

If you want to make the buttocks visually smaller, give up the scales or do exercises with small scales. But you have to do 5-6 times a week. Do 5-6 approaches, 18-20 reps.

1. Deep squat with a barbell

Usually, when a woman pumps an ass, she performs for this a whole complex of exercises. Program for girls in the gym on the ass pump from other women’s representatives include up to a dozen different exercises. But in order to pump that ass, it’s enough to just sit up with a barbell on your back. In the title of this exercise on the ass in the gym, the word deep is decisive. The fact is that the buttocks are maximally included in the work, when the squat occurs below the parallel. Lifting from the position of low squat is not at the expense of the muscles of the legs, but thanks to the work of the buttocks. The lower you sit, the greater the load will get the gluteal muscles.


exercises on the ass in the gym


You can perform a deep squat with a regular barbell, but the most effective for creating a  pumped priests  will be Smith’s trainer, which was invented by the ingenious bodybuilder Jack LaLaine . The technique of doing this exercise, as well as all the others, is very simple – slow controlled movements with a delay in the lower part of the trajectory (where the load on the buttocks muscles becomes maximum). The number of repetitions from 8 to 10. In the building science there is one indisputable rule: it is not possible to build an ass like a nut without squats with a bar.


Conclusion: deep squats with a bar – this is the best exercise on the ass in the gym, it must be put first in the set of exercises for the gluteal muscles. And, the number of approaches can be increased to 5-6. This will allow you to pump up a girl in the gym faster.


2. Kneeling in the machine

This exercise on the ass in the gym almost completely repeats the biomechanics of sit-ups with the barbell, while removing most of the load from the waist and spine. During the press with your feet, the pelvis and shoulders should be firmly pressed to the back of the machine, and the feet should be placed as wide and high as possible so that when the bench press is lowered, the knees fall as low as possible. In addition to a good load on the ass pumping, the foot press in the simulator has a strong effect on the hamstrings.

Completely the legs in the knees, at the top of the trajectory can not be straightened, focusing on work in the lower half of the movement. The main advantage of this exercise is that it, unlike squatting with the bar, you can do with one foot. The working weight will need to be reduced, but the load on the gluteal muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings will only increase. I recommend that the bench press with both feet alternate with its “one-legged” version in order to constantly render a new, unaccustomed load on the ass.


Conclusion: in order to pump thatass girl in the gym quickly, this muscular group needs to be constantly amazed, forcing to react with the increase in volume in response to a new exercise.


3. Back attacks

This movement closes the top three exercises on the ass in the gym. It is very similar to the usual attacks, so beloved fitness guru of regional scale, but only a step in this exercise is done not forward, but backward.

As you know, walking around the hall backwards will not work, so these attacks (I call them waterfalls) are made on the spot. And as in other cases, the optimal equipment for such an exercise is the Smith simulator.

Back attacks can be performed in two ways.

  • Option 1. Do the exercise, making a lunging alternately on each leg. In this case, most of the load will lie on the top of the gluteus muscles.
  • Option 2. First perform the exercise for one leg, then for the other. In this case, the load on the buttocks will shift to the very bottom, and the load on the hamstrings will increase significantly.


Conclusion: Since different versions of this exercise affect different segments of the gluteal muscles, you must perform both versions of this exercise.


How to make an ass like a nut

After the girl’s pop will become pumped up and increase in volume, it must be turned into an ass as a nut, optimal in size and gorgeous in shape. For this, it is necessary to develop the lateral parts of this muscle group in order to give the buttocks an ideal view not only from the front, but also from the flanks. For this purpose we need only two exercises, but they are quite enough, since in normal life these parts of the buttocks practically do not work and the load responds very quickly.


exercises on the ass


1. Putting your foot to the side

This exercise on the ass in the gym, in contrast to deep squats and presses by the feet, is not so much massonborn, as the formative. It can be done in different ways, depending on the equipment available in the gym.

You can carry the leg to the side in a crossover, on any lower block or in a special flight simulator. But the technique of execution does not change from this – slow, controlled movement with a distinct pause for 2-3 seconds in the upper part of the trajectory.


Conclusion: Leaving the leg to the side is the best formative movement, for building priests as a nut. Therefore, it is like doing sit-ups with a barbell in 5-6 approaches.


2. Legs on the special simulator

Such equipment is present now in any self-respecting sports club and enjoys in women increased popularity. It is an excellent formative exercise on the ass in the simulator hall. When it is performed, all the muscles except the buttocks of the work are turned off.

Thus, the direct load on the pope will increase just to the skies. However, for all its simplicity, it has several important nuances.

  • To increase the load on the muscles of the buttocks, this exercise needs to be bent forward.
  • The pumped ass as a nut is the result of working with large weights. So, the weight on the simulator must be set so that the last repetition in the approach is given with a huge effort.
  • Buttocks are included in the work only on the last leg of the trajectory. Therefore, it is on this part of the movement that all attention must be focused.


After completing the dynamic version of leg breeding in the simulator, you need to perform one static approach. It is done this way: it puts out a small weight, legs are bred to the extreme position, the priest strains with all his might and the body freezes in complete immobility for 30-40 seconds.


The static load allows you to include additional areas of the gluteal muscles and increase their density, one step closer to creating a beautiful priests.


I talked about the five most effective exercises on the ass in the simulator hall. But there is no sense in doing them all at every training session. Otherwise, the muscles very quickly adapt to the load and stop responding to it. It will be correct to compose two separate complexes, each of which will consist of 1-2 exercises for a set of muscle mass and one formative. Weekly, these complexes can be alternated, trying each time to perform them in a different way. This can be done by changing the speed of execution of each of the exercises or the time of rest between them. And the program for girls in the gym on the ass may look like this:

Week 1

An exercise

Approaches Repetitions

Squat with a barbell on the back



Back attacks (option 1) 3-4


Breeding legs in a special simulator 3-4


Week 2

An exercise



Foot press lying (with two legs) 5-6


Back attacks (option 2)



Leaning legs to the side on the lower block




The program for girls in the gym on the ass can include other exercises. The same deadlift from the floor or pelvic lifts with weights are excellent exercises on the ass in the hall. But, in my opinion, you can only include them in your training complex by mastering the simplest and most basic movements. Since both the traction and lifting of the pelvis, in addition to the gluteal muscles, heavily load the lower back and are traumatic exercises.

Myths and Facts

  • Cream. You can use a variety of creams, which, according to their developers, will help tighten the skin of the buttocks and give it firmness. Remember that no cream is not capable of producing amazing results, as this can be achieved by complex methods. Without exercises for the buttocks will not work, so you do not need to feed illusions on this score.
  • Essential oils and herbs. Some glossy magazines publish articles, which give recommendations of the following nature: it is necessary to take a bath with the addition of horsetail (field). And after the procedure, they advise you to spread the body with essential oil and tightly wrap the food film. This will help remove cellulite, but give the pope a beautiful outline – no.
  • Fast food. Such food is unsuitable for consumption if you care about your figure. All excess fat will “settle” on the sides, buttocks and hips. In addition, the skin can become flabby and the beauty of speech can not be.
  • Aqua aerobics. A great way if you visit the pool a couple of times a week. This will help to lose excess pounds, make the skin supple and slightly puff up the ass. However, the most effective way is exercises on the buttocks. Diet. It is good because it helps to lose weight, and in combination with exercises – to give the body an excellent appearance.


how to pump a ass


The main thing is not to let the muscles of the buttocks get used to the load. And then your figure will change to envy your girlfriends, and to the joy of men, crowned with a beautiful inflated booty. Be beautiful and graceful.