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trenbolone acetate (Tren-A100) is a steroid with a pronounced anabolic activity. Ideal for weight gain. In combination with other AAS is used for drying, draw the elevation and increase power performance.
trenbolone acetate
trenbolone acetate (or just “trenbolone”) — non-aromatizing injectable steroid with a pronounced anabolic, anticatabolic and lipolytic activity. The course trenbolone solo gives a noticeable increase in muscle mass. Combined courses trenbolone used for mass, drying, drawing elevation and increase power performance.
Mechanism of action
trenbolone acetate is considered to be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful anabolic steroid. It permanently stabilizes androgen receptors and in this respect exceeds even testosterone, thus ensuring a fast and quality muscle mass.
On the course trenbolone have been the following changes at the cellular level and secretion of key hormones bodybuilding:
Increases the activity of satellite cells in skeletal muscle.
Enhanced muscle hyperplasia and hypertrophy.
Accelerated lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation.
Decreases production of cortisol.
Increased synthesis of growth hormone.
Three times, increases the production of IGF-1.
Effects in bodybuilding and sport
Trenbolone boosts muscle protein synthesis and speeds recovery after workouts. Because the rate of the athlete recovers quickly, there is an opportunity to train more often, more intensively, with large working weights. In parallel trenbolone protects muscles from training stress and prevents muscle loss — all thanks to the inhibition of synthesis of cortisol and anti-catabolic activity.
The key effects of trenbolone acetate in bodybuilding:
Anabolic — boost the weight.
Anti-catabolic — prevents muscle protein breakdown.
Lipolytic — speeds up fat burning.
Ergogenicity provides the growth of power indicators.
Use in sport and bodybuilding
trenbolone — steroid without the “narrow specialization”. It is effective in courses at a set of muscle mass, and both solo and in combination with other steroids, e.g., testosterone esters. On masonboro can be included in the course and oral steroids, in particular, Methandrostenolone.
Great result you will get during drying and rendering the terrain, most importantly, to add to trenbolone non-aromatizing AAS to the muscles are not filled with water. Such steroids enough, a good choice will stanazolol or oxandrolone.
The strongmen, and weightlifters simovica trenbolone helps to increase strength endurance and peak power. For these purposes, best suited combined course that includes trenbolone and winstrol (stanazolol). Esters of testosterone when you work on strength too!
Benefits and features of trenbolone acetate
trenbolone acetate has some peculiarities from the point of view of pharmacodynamics and hormonal activity. These features are important to consider when preparing and planning for post-cycle therapy:
trenbolone acetate is short live, but because the injection is put in a day or every day.
Is not subject to aromatization. To use aromatase inhibitors (Anastrozole) does not make sense. Exception — combined courses that include aromatizers steroids.
Does not fill the muscles with water. Weight quality, with minimum kickback after a course.
Sex suppresses the arc and inhibits the synthesis of own testosterone. From the second week of the course to prevent atrophy of the testicles can be connected gonadotropin.
trenbolone has progestogenic activity and increases the production of prolactin. To prevent side effects you can enable in the course of cabergoline (Dostinex) or bromocriptine.
It is undesirable to combine the trenbolone with other AAS with progestogenic activity (nandrolone decanoate, oxymetholone).
After a course PCT needed. To restore the synthesis of endogenous testosterone recommend using Fareston (toremifene). In the course of a blocker of receptors of estrogens can not be used!
How to take trenbolone acetate?
Course solo. Course solo should be used in massonary cycles. trenbolone acetate is put intramuscularly, 50-100 mg every other day or every day. The course duration is 8-12 weeks.
Combined courses. Combined courses trenbolone is used in a dose of 100 mg/day. The steroid works perfectly in conjunction with all esters of testosterone, stanazolol, boldenone, primobolan and oxandrolone. Generally, you need to remember a simple rule: you cannot combine trenbolone with two steroids with progestagenic activity of oxymetholone and nandrolone (“deca”).
In courses on a lot of great benefits the combination of trenbolone with testosterone esters. You can use propionate, “propionate”, enanthate, cypionate or a combination of testosterone esters, for example, sustanon. Dose of testosterone propionate paired with trenbolone is 100 mg/day. enanthate is put on 750-1000 mg once a week, cypionate 250 mg a day.
In the courses on the terrain and when working on the power figures to add to trenbolone non-aromatizing steroids that do not cause water retention: oxandrolone, Drostanolone, stanazolol.
Chic combination is a combination of trenbolone and stanazololа. The fact that stanazolol has antiprogestagennoe activity, that is, reduces the side effects caused by the activation of progesterone receptors. Dose stanazololа combined course — 80 mg/day trenbolone — 100 mg/day. The course is suitable for drying, and for increasing physical performance and set quality of dry weight.
Use proven tools pharmacological support, use competent scheme, don’t forget about PCT and achieve outstanding sports results!

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