Testosterone Mix (Sustanon 250 test)


Brand: Genesis pharmaceuticals
Substance: Testosterone Mix
Packing: 1ml/250mg

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The mix testosterone is a mixture of several testosterone esters, which differ from each other by half, dissolved in the same oil-based. Benzyl alcohol is added for preservation.The benefits of a Mix of drugs
* combine the advantages of short-lived (a rapid increase in effect) and long-lived (duration of effect) esters. For example, propionate and enanthate.
* reinforcement of composite testosterone due to “balancing” hormones, the esters are released into the bloodstream at different rates and at different times, reaching its peak concentration, i.e. the drug does not have a classical half-life – it has been a few “peaks” that allows the user to successfully fight the so-called steroid “pits” (“failures”) on the course.
Composite “mixtures” are produced as the official pharmacorama (for the needs of veterinary and human medicine), and numerous underground producers. In the Arsenal of the USA “chemists” are only a few affordable composite preparations: sustanon, Omnadren. This drug is much wider.
Contain only esters of testosterone
* sustanon 250
* sustanon 100
* Omnadren 250
* Androbol 300
* Andropen 275
* Triolandren
* Deposteron
* Test 400
* The Equitest

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