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The anabolic steroid Winstrol (Stanozolol) has androgenic and anabolic effects comes in two forms — tablets and injection (depot). Released by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962. Pharmacology in sports steroid began to be used after receiving approval from management on control over foodstuff and medicines (FDA). Stanozolol does not block the progestogenic effect of nandrolone, though, and is an antagonist of progesterone.Steroid profile
Stanozolol tablets :
320% anabolic and 30% of the androgenic effects from testosterone;
a moderate level of toxicity to the liver in any form;
the lack of aromatization;
the activity of up to 8 hours;
detection for doping control to one year (360 days).
Reception Winstrol athletes participating in competitions is practically impossible. Traces of the use of the steroid can be detected by the latest methods of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry even a year after the end of the course.
Effect Winsrtrol
Stanozolol (Winsrtrol)
The drug:
Emphasizes the relief of the muscles. As a specific anabolic steroid, it gives almost no growth in volume, and gives the muscles a beautiful relief. While taking Stanozolol venous mesh becomes more pronounced reduction of body fat increases.
Removes excess accumulated fluid. This property makes the drug effective in getting rid of occur after and a receiving rate of the AAC enhanced hydration of the cells.
Reduces high globulin. This substance creates a connection between the sex hormones. There is an increase in efficiency from the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids.
And antiprogestogens has anti-estrogenic effects. This fact has not been studied and has not to date scientific evidence.
Increases stamina and power.
Increases the appetite.
Course Of Winstrol Solo
Accept with the aim of obtaining high-quality relief of the muscles generally, during drying the body. The effect is particularly noticeable in athletes who have sufficient weight and moderate fat content.
To start taking steroid recommended after completing a full medical examination and consultation with a specialist. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) starts on the third or fourth day of the end of the course Winstrol. It normalizes the basic physiological indicators of an organism of athletes.
Combined course with Stanozolol
To improve the efficiency and reduce the possibility of negative reactions allows combining Winstrol with steroids such as testosterone, has a strong androgenic effect, Anapolon, Methandrostenolone.
Winstrol Depot (injectable) is a stabilizer, which can reduce side effects and increase the anabolic effect. Combined courses with Winstrol, regardless of form (tablets or capsules), should be such that the weekly amount of take the AAC does not exceed 500 ml. This applies to non-professionals.
Possible side effects
Winstrol is one of the few steroids, which accept and women. Zero estrogenic activity is manifested by the absence of such adverse effects as gynecomastia and edema.
However, taking this steroid in unlimited quantities is not recommended. He escusive ligament, which is manifested in the increase of stress during training, probabilities of injuries, including torn ligaments with tendons. To eliminate this negative effect allows the use of appropriate additives.
While taking Stanozolol can increase blood pressure, increase cholesterol, occur such androgenic negative manifestations as the suppression of endogenous testosterone, hair loss, acne (acne). To eliminate the toxic influence on the liver, taking medications.
Negative effects when consuming Winstrol occur quite rarely, especially if an athlete taking a steroid, in compliance with all the requirements and dosage.

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