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The Methandrostenolone steroid anabolic and androgenic effect was produced in the early sixties of the twentieth century. The drug present in the market under different trade names: Danabol, Nerobol, Dianabol, Methandienone, DBOL and Nanosim. Initially it was used as a stimulating recovery processes, revitalizing, treating burns tools. Today, the use of Methandrostenolone athletes to increase muscle mass.Steroid profile
200% anabolic and 50% of androgenic activity from testosterone;
low ability to aromatization;
moderate effect on the liver;
the duration of exposure to eight hours;
the discovery of the drug test for up to three months.
The tool is available in the form of tablets and injections.
The drug promotes:
Pronounced increase in muscle mass due to stimulating the production of protein. A significant part of gaining weight is a persons in the body of water. If you do not take appropriate pharmacological agents, most often occurs the phenomenon of recoil.
The increase in power.
Gyrosigma effect on the background of the proper supply and use of dbol.
To increase the strength of the joints.
Against the use of dbol a growing sense of appetite.
Course Solo
From taking a course of methandrostenolone should refrain until they come of age, people with high blood pressure, diseases of cardiovascular system, liver, prostatic hypertrophy and other pathological conditions in which the drug is contraindicated.
Safe daily dosage of steroid in tablet form is 30 milligrams. This amount of drug is divided equally into 2-3 times and is taken after meals. This pattern of use allows to avoid sharp changes in hormone levels. Injection suggest a dosage increase, however the course duration may not exceed one and a half months (6 weeks).
To lower estrogenic effects, already on the eighth day of the course start using the aromatase inhibitors, which will eliminate swelling and prevent fluid retention. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) starts on the third or fourth day after the abolition of drugs.
For the next two to four weeks, usually taking Tamoxifen. The dosage is about 20 milligrams and gradually decreases. To normalize the synthesis of endogenous testosterone possible through the boosters.
The athlete must constantly keep control of their own physiological indicators in a timely manner to make the necessary adjustments.
Combined courses
The course methandrostenolone solo demonstrates many negative aspects, making the combined intake more common option. To combine the drug with complexes AAC is not recommended because of the last bad effect on the liver. Methandrostenolone should be combined with products based on testosterone. Best fit: testosterone, Sustanon, Nandrolone, Trenbolone, Primobolan.
To increase muscle some sources suggest to use the intermittent interval and non-traditional regimens. First, as mistakenly believed, reduces the negative impact on the production of the male hormone, and the second eliminates habituation and reduces the harmful effects on the liver. In reality none of the schemes are not working, and the drug is not appropriate for a “bridge” between courses.
Side effects
To avoid any negative effects when taking methandrostenolone, it is necessary to clearly follow the instructions. To start a course without determining the dosage and duration of reception is impossible.
Gynecomastia is most commonly manifested side effect of taking methane pills, and injections. It occurs as a result of conversion of the active substance of the drug in estrogen. To avoid this allows the use of aromatase inhibitors. Toxic effects on the liver, provided by the presence of 17-alpha-position methyl groups, reduced by the choleretic drugs, for example, of the Flamen and Tykveol.
While taking Methandienone cells are beginning to hold the liquid, which after cancellation leaves. This causes a rollback, which prevents aromatase inhibitors.

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